Andrew Hetherington

Actuary-in-training based in London, UK.

Curriculum Vitae

Also avaliable as a pdf, last updated 21 August 2020.





Physics graduate with exceptional academic results and 2 years’ experience of consultancy within the pensions industry.

Based in London, UK.


BSc (Hons) PhysicsDurham University (05/10/2015—26/06/2018)

86% overall mark. 1st class honours—transcript available upon request.

Awards: J A Chalmers Prize in Physics (2018), Durham Physics Award for Outstanding Achievement (2017, 2018), Durham Award (2018)

  • Collaborated with stakeholders at GSK to deliver a report and presentation on a real-world manufacturing problem. 77% final mark— “excellent communication with the different parties”, “really satisfied” client, “exemplary” realisation of client’s expectations

  • 93% average across 2nd year Python programming exercises, 90% average mark across mathematics modules

Beyond university, completed exams in actuarial mathematics, statistics, business finance and economics with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries—average mark of 85%


Lane Clark & Peacock, London, UK

Associate Consultant (01/08/2020–present)

Actuarial Analyst (03/09/2018–31/07/2020)

  • Rotated across 16 client teams, delivering actionable advice to companies and pension funds. Formally appraised as “proactive and takes a keen interest in his clients”

  • Delivered Excel training material to a cohort of interns. All attendees rated subject knowledge and presentation style as Excellent or Very Good

  • Involved in testing and deploying an online tool for a new client. Completed work within budget despite complications. Congratulated by lead partner for an “excellent job” and a “very happy client”

  • Delegated to and supervised graduates and interns as a “buddy” and mentor. Nominated for LCP’s Best Coach award by graduate and line manager

  • Took charge of a client project, performing actuarial calculations for 230 individuals. Worked cross-departmentally with Administration team to deliver results on time

  • Helped organise and implement Wellbeing Network launch event and subsequent initiatives for the 700+ employees of the firm  

Atom Bank, Durham, UK

Analytics Intern (03/07/2017–15/09/2017)

  • Interpreted large volumes of data using Excel to produce daily reports on the state of savings accounts and business loans

  • Programmed computer scripts in Python to automate routine reporting, increasing efficiency and producing more detailed results

  • Involved in remaking an obsolete savings report, taking part in discussions with Head of Analytics and Senior Product Manager

  • Created and presented Management Information to senior figures including Head of Customer Experience



Hospital VolunteerRoyal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (February 2019–present)

  • Shadowed and worked with nurses and senior volunteers to help serve refreshments and meals to a ward of 30 inpatients

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, worked as part of a fleet of volunteers to cut and stitch over 46,000 PPE surgical gowns for the hospital staff of the Trust

VolunteerEuston Foodbank, Trussell Trust (August 2019–present)

  • Sensitively discussed client needs to work out how they could best be helped, referring to other organisations where appropriate

  • Fundraised to replace stock when donations insufficient to meet demand

Staff–Student Committee Co-ChairDurham Physics Department (November 2017–June 2018)

  • Mediated dialogue between students and staff, presented work to the Board of Studies

  • Implemented novel way of collecting student opinions to increase reach—received three times the volume of feedback than normal


Northampton School for Boys (2008–2015)

  • A-levels (2013–2015): 3 A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, 1 A in Chemistry

  • GCSEs (2008–2013): 6 A* and 4 A including Mathematics and English

  • Awards: Bruce Liddington Award for Attainment, Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physics