Andrew Hetherington

Actuary-in-training based in London, UK.

21 Apr 2021

Retinal Images Are Weirdly Predictive—Audio Version

Click here for the audio version of Retinal Images Are Weirdly Predictive!

Original written version can be found here.

Retinal Images Are Weirdly Predictive was a fun article to write and explores just one of the areas in which data and artificial intelligence is being used to work towards better outcomes for patients in the healthcare space. I particularly like reading about the medical applications of AI and ML—the benefits to society are so clear and tangible that it’s hard not to get excited by all the potential that these technologies can offer. That being said, I am especially grateful to all the researchers, engineers, and scientists who day in, day out work to exchange some of that potential for reality.

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Andrew Hetherington is an actuary-in-training and data enthusiast based in London, UK.

Photo by nrd on Unsplash.